What is it? 
It's a 16-bit game
For which platform? 
Megadrive / SEGA Genesis
Is it related to PAPRIUM? 
Is it a beat them up? 
A SOR-like? 
Is it a 2P game? 
Is it gonna be fun? 
Was this game released before? 
Is it unreleased garbage? 
Is it exclusive? 
Any trailer & screenshots? 
Dudes, why is that? 
We only focus on the game!
Can I buy the game later? 
No, it's a single-batch, but you can try ebay later-on.
Any purchase deadline? 
Is it worth the price? 
Considering how exclusive it is,
we think it's a bargain.
What is the SPEED-DIALER edition about? 
This edition comes in a disruptive format, so exclusive it segasexes-us thinking about it. Better than a tower of doom! Sweat, fear and shivers! Or is it pure joy?
Will each copy be signed or numbered? 
When will this game release? 
Late 2021 or early 2022.
Any game title? 
Is it compatible with the MEGAWIRE4.0? 
Is it compatible with the GRANDSTICK? 
Does it requires a 32x or MegaCD? 
No, but may be worth having one!
Is the dolphin in the game? 
How many MEGS? 
Not an HDC but yes!
Why is this page so "crude"? 
So the game gets better!
Why is this text so big? 
Because it's loud!

Purchase options available:

• For any volume > 7 pieces, please contact prior for a discount.
• Purchase over 4999USD$ and get a free arcade cab, custom-made for the game. Please contact us for options.
• Have donated to the "Save the Dolphins & Walruses" fund? Please contact us for rewards.
 Mini FAQ
1. Your purchase will be done through WM's Magical Game Factory, the official online shop of WaterMelon. The international shipping is FREE. Items are shipped from either France or USA depending on stock and your address. Payments are made with Stripe, PayPal, Credit/Debit card through PayPal. Contact-us for bulk orders.

2. What should I expect? WM never fails to deliver! Thanks for your patience and support!
3. The Mega Drive/Genesis game cartridge is compatible with any original Mega Drive/Genesis game system (PAL or NTSC). The game is in English. In every version, the instruction manual is in English with smaller sections with Japanese, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

4. Does the game run on any after-market, non-SEGA manufactured systems? After-market systems may underperform but we will provide a compatibility mode! No original Mega Drive or SEGA Genesis? Click here!

5. Does the box look like a original MegaDrive/Genesis box? Yes it does, it's the exact same style and size. The SPEED-DIALER EDITION comes into a disruptive format that will also looks good in your shelve next to your other games, just even better!!!
6. What do you mean by Beat them up? Beat them up (also known as street brawler or beat them all) is a video game genre featuring hand-to-hand combat between the protagonist and a large number of opponents. Gameplay consists of walking through a level, one section at a time, defeating a group of enemies before advancing to the next section. Find out some of the best known Beat ‘em up : Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Double Dragon, Golden Axe, Two crude dudes, Battletoads, Guardian Heroes.

7. A single-batch production run, what does it mean? At WaterMelon, we always reward the early supporters, and this game will remain exclusive to them. You miss it now, you miss it forever! If you don't like this, just don't buy it!

8. When is the ROM release or STEAM port? This is tailor-made for the original Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis hardware and run at 60fps, a ROM release or STEAM port can't do it any justice.

Still have questions? Visit the WM's Magical Game Factory FAQ. page here or contact the support here.
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